Barbie – KELLY Tiny Steps (Walking Kelly) – 2002 Mattel

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Barbie – KELLY Tiny Steps (Walking Kelly) – 2002 Mattel
Kelly Tiny Steps is a 2002 Mattel production set. Model #B2823. Included is a Kelly doll, Kelly’s baby doll, Kelly’s bear, a carriage & Kelly’s outfit. Kelly doll is approx. 4″ tall and she has long blond hair and blue eyes. Kelly wears a dress that has a sleeveless pink top and the skirt part is white with pink leaf design & she has matching panties (matches the skirt fabric), and also wears pink shoes and has a pink ribbon in her hair. Kelly’s doll is a white knit doll that has blond hair (combable) with a pink bow at the front; dolly has blue thread eyes, pink thread mouth, & wears a white & pink checkered dress. Kelly’s doll measures approx. 2″ tall (measured outside the box from bottom of feet to top of hair). Kelly’s bear is blue molded plastic and is approx. 1″ long x approx. 3/4″ wise at the feet (measured outside the box). All sizes are approximate. The Doll’s Carriage is pink with a white lacy hood and white wheels & handle and the carriage measures approx. 4″ from the handle across to the back part of the carriage. The carriage is approx. 3-3/4″ tall from the top of the hood part to the bottom of the wheels. Kelly loves to take her doll for a walk in her carriage. If you attach the Kelly doll’s hands to the carriage handle, and then pull the carriage, Kelly will “walk”! All sizes are measured from outside the box, so all measurements are only approximate. All descriptions are to the best of my ability and may not be exact. Colors, styles & sizes may vary. Kelly Tiny Steps, a 2002 Mattel production set is great for any collection or just for fun play!
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