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The new furniture and doll gift sets come with loads of accessories and offer a complete play experience Each set comes with a fabulous Barbie doll and a stylish room environment with furniture and accessories for the kitchen All furniture sets are modular for great mix and match play, Recommended age group: 4 – 10 years, Manufacturer: Mattel

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In the jumping competition, girls can really show Tipper and Nikki jump over the fence Pull back on Tipper horse’s leg for dramatic trotting and jumping movement and she really neighs in a fully extended pose Nikki doll is sporting an animal printhelmet, fun fuzzy coat, equestrian pants and boots, and Tipper horse coordinates with animal print blanket and saddle Doll and Tipper included Barbie Horse Competition, Best in Show!, Recommended age group: 36 months – 8 years, Manufacturer: Mattel

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The possibilities for fun, friendship and little feuding are endless with these unique and zany characters! Add Punk Rocker to your Roomies Playset and see what happens when they move in! This punk rocker girl is quite obnoxious and not very respectful to her roommates! Fun interaction when the new roommate moves in Entertainment for all children, Recommended age group: 6 – 12 years, Manufacturer: Mattel

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These posh playmates are all about the power of individualism, diversity, and friendship. Groovy Girls are 13 1/2″ fashion mavens who have the most stylish clothes, accessories, furniture, even pets! Groovy Girl Soccer Sarina from Manhattan Toy kicks around in this soccer ensemble that includes green “#8″ tank, colorful shorts, knee-high socks and orange sneakers. Plus, she comes with a soccer ball and net. Ages 3 and up.

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A whole new world to explore! Your little princess will get a kick out of this wonderful gift set. Featuring Ariel, Prince Eric and a magical chariot. The handsome prince is all decked out in his dashing wedding attire, while Ariel comes with a shimmering, sparkly tail. And the chariot features a unique shell-shaped seat that’s big enough to hold the happy couple. If that wasn’t enough, it lights up and plays the magical Under The Sea tune a sight and sound that’s sure to brighten up playtime. Plus, when the chariot is pushed, the dolphins bob up and down. Make sure she keeps an eye out for the jumping baby dolphin he likes to make a surprise appearance. For even more enjoyment, the dolphins detach, so your little one can take Ariel for a swim!

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Barbie Magic Kitchen #18900 is a 1998 Mattel production Playset that is Made in Mexico. This Playset folds and unfolds neatly for easy storage and take along fun. There is a carry handle on the top. There is a real Dining Light, and a working Blender, and Color Change Food. Pull down the Dining Lamp and it lights up! Magically “cook” pizza and other change foods in the oven. Push the Blender, and it really works! Pull out the picnic Table and Barbeque for eating “outdoors”. The “Foods” that change colors are: Pizza, 2 Hot Dogs & 2 Hamburgers – each “cooks” with magic change color! Contents in the box: Kitchen Play Set with 2 Chairs, 1 pretend Pizza, 2 Hot Dogs, 2 Hamburgers, Serving pieces, Cookware Accessories, “Food” Accessories, Label Sheet and Instructions. This Playset requires 2 AA Alkaline Batteries that are NOT included. Recommended for children ages 3+ years. Dolls are NOT included in the playset. Dolls cannot stand alone. Ice Water inside oven creates “food” color changes; place pieces in warm water to change back. Do NOT use HOT Water. Colors and decorations may vary from those shown on box. All descriptions are from box, and may not be exactly as described. Barbie Magic Kitchen, a 1998 Mattel production Playset is great for any collection or just fun play!

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Royal Horse gift set assortment includes favorite Disney Princess dolls and fantastical horses with luxurious manes and tails. Each doll wears a signature gown and the horse wears a saddle that sparkles, plus jewels for their mane that girls can wear and share in their own hair! Dolls cannot stand alone

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Adorable Dora the Explorer is ready for a weekend away or a long, fun-filled vacation. She leaves home in jeans and a T-shirt and carries her puppy, backpack and travel diary. Help her explore territory that goes as far as your imagination will take you. Dress her up in different adventure outfits (sold separately). Dora measures 15 inches tall.

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The My Scene Fab Faces dolls are living the most fab, glamorous teenage life! Each doll has an innovative, one-of-a-kind movable face feature that allows you to show one of five different expressions on her face – from frowns to smirks and smiles! Each doll comes with a super-glam, ultra-stylish lace-and-glitter dress, and her outfit is topped off with accessories no diva can live without: a furry boa, a sparkling tiara, and glittering jewelry. Each doll also comes with a tiara for you to wear, and lots of other doll-sized items like a second outfit, a purse with a dog poking out the top, fashion accessories and a fun spinner that allows you to see the give expressions your doll can make. Colors and decorations may vary from those shown. Doll measures 12″ tall.

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