Polly Pocket Groovy-Glam Pony Totally Trendy Pets is a 2006 Mattel production set. Polly Doll measures approx. 3.5″ tall, and the Pony is approx. 3-1/4″ tall x approx. 3″ measured from pony’s nose to tail. There are 18 Pieces to this Set. Contents Included in the package: Polly doll with blue eyes and long blond combable hair that has a purple streak. Polly wears a pink jacket w/white trim and lime green pants and has additional outfits, such as: a green color top (can be worn as a dress) w/pink trim, a blue skirt, a lilac color top (can be worn as a dress), pink pants, a lime green cowgirl hat, blue boots, lilac color boots and a pair of pink shoes. Also included is a Pony that has blue eyes and purple combable hair. Pony has a purple w/green color saddle and has a pink w/white trim jacket. Also included are hair clips & a brush to make Polly and her Pony super cool! Polly “can really ride”! Comb and clip their hair! All information provided is to the best of my ability and may not be exact. Colors, sizes, styles may vary. Polly Pocket, Totally Trendy Pets, Groovy-Glam Pony, a 2006 Mattel production set is great for any collection or just for fun play!

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